Recovery and Readiness

The ISPRI recovery and readiness methodology is based upon the newest insights and current concepts used by field experts working with elite level athletes in different sports.

Recovery and readiness is highly integrated in all performance and rehab programs and is focusing on raising your own individual standards. It will take into account your readiness per day, per week and over a training cycle. While recovery will help you to prepare optimally for your next training, taking adaptation and other training effects into account.

Our mission: Decrease the risks of overload, reduce the risk of injuries, improve the repeatability of performance and facilitate adaptation.


  • Monitoring program around the recovery and readiness status of our athletes
  • Implementation of practical, customized strategies
  • Clinical decision around performance recovery intervention, what to use when and why?


  • Performance recovery and readiness basic
  • Performance recovery and readiness advanced
  • Performance recovery and readiness certificated